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Watching a friend or family member suffer with substance abuse is hard. Since there are a still a lot of stigmas surrounding substance abuse, many people don’t know where to turn for help with their problems. Every rehab center has resources that can help people who need rehabilitation, or help family members that wish to get a loved one into a rehab program. These rehabilitation facilities are run by qualified substance dependency professionals, including a clinical and medical staff.

One of the most effective tools for getting an addict to enter a treatment center is an intervention. Successful interventions are organized events where the loved ones of an addict deliberately express their concerns, fears, or feelings of frustration with the addict face to face, in the hopes that the addict will agree to enter treatment. In order to help plan and direct the intervention, most centers employ a substance dependency counselor or an interventionist (an intervention professional and expert). Interventions that are organized with the aid of a certified, professional interventionist have a ninety percent rate of success. Many people confuse an intervention with rehab, but they are not the same and it is very important that an intervention conclude with the addict entering a rehabilitation or treatment facility to deal with their recovery needs.

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